That one thing you can never say never,

always en always till now and forever,

Your soul is waiting, your mind is hiding,

search for the truth, always denying


What do we live for, what is our faith,

our mind will live, our feeling still waith,

looking for answers, we’re fucking our mind,

the truth is somewhere, but somewhere behind


We know all our answers, we know everything inside,

but our wall is to big and that wall makes us blind,

We know what we want, we know what we need,

but eternity will lead us and our heart choice to bleed


One day we follow our cure and release,

give over to eternity, our heart filled with peace,

learn our lessons and hope for the best,

or find it within us, eternity is our past


Can we really know, where do we choose for,

are we begging for answers, waithing and hope for more,

All that we know is living inside,

the truth is so beautifull, still the choice is to hide


Explore to yourself, explore to the world,

to the child within us, just like it’s birth,

that child is everything you want to see,

so the world can be you and you can be me


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