Let me be happy with you

Sometimes I suddenly feel a sadness coming over me
Not because I am sad but I’m feeling sad because the people I love always say “they can’t”
My life was not easy, I’ve been through hell and back to become the person I am now
I have experienced the most painful way of being human until I almost wanted to die
No light or love in front me anymore
I lost my body, my spirit, my soul and the only thing that kept me alive was the world wonder I put on this earth.
She gave me every morning again a reason to get up, to fight for our life
She opened my eyes, she let me breath, she saved me
And now I can, now I believe
I believe that this life has meaning
We can choose to say we can’t and throw our life away or we can pay attention to
all the small and beautifull things that make our life worth it to live and stop being a victim
We are no victims
We are all winners of 2 million seeds and every one of us has a meaning in this life
I can’t take it anymore to feel lonely on the side of hapiness
Stabbing all my energy into showing the beautiful side of life to others
I am happy and hapiness is my choice
We all can be happy but we make things so hard on ourselves
Please listen, please look in the mirror and see the beauty in the person you are
This is your life, this is your change, please don’t waste it
Life is living in love and sharing your love with others
Life is enjoying every minute of every day and see the beauty in everything around you
Life is making choices and focus on the good things instead of overthinking all the bad over and over again
Please live and choose to be happy and let me be happy with you

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