The insanity of humanity

The insanity of humanity


What is right and what is wrong?

What is the meaning of a desire that strong?

Is this little time on earth forcing you not to be?

Hiding ourself from who we are and what we really need…



We grow up with war inside our head

Learning to supress because our feelings are bad

We didn’t learn to controll our emotions so we make commitments and lie

Focus on what this world is forcing us to be, untill we finally die



There is no good and bad in what you feel,

Feelings are the only human thing in this world what makes you real

Vurnerable in wat you want is the reality

Hiding behind this society and lie is insanity



I will never hurt you, but follow my heart anyway

I will never leave you, but I also can’t stay

I will never lie to you, but facts are not real to me

I can’t promiss you anything because I am honest in what I feel and see



There is no trust in this world, there are no lies

Only what you believe will reveal every disguise

Our fears mislead us in the games people play

But what to expect if we choose to obey



Always searching for hapiness while we can be gratefull

Always blaming the world and choose to be hatefull

It’s a choice to take responsebility in your life and be happy,

This is the only awareness that will set you free,



So you can be…

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